Do you love food? We do too! When we travel, we always try to find the hype places to eat. And we are also huge fans of the Asian cuisine.

China was the very first Asian country we visited and we were so excited to taste the real famous Chinese food! We had already heard that one of the best things to do in Asia is to join a food tour. We had never experienced an actual food tour so that made our excitement even bigger.

China’s top rated food tours

Research after research we came across the Lost Plate food tours. They had the best reviews for off the beaten path food tours and they operate in four different cities in China, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Chengdu. We chose to do the evening tour in the city of Xi’an which is famous for the Muslim Quarter and their local food market.

Lost Plate food tour Xian ChinaAfter exchanging emails with them we knew we had to do with real professionals; they always respond quick and they were super helpful answering all our questions. Even in the confirmation email they had the street address in English and in Chinese and they also included direct links to Google Maps and the Chinese application for maps, Baidu.

When we arrived to our meeting point we found our guide for the night waiting with a big smile. We were 7 people in total for the tour and Lost Plate provided us 3 tuktuks to take us to the different restaurants. Just before entering the tuktuk, our guide surprised us with free drinks and beers! Such a great beginning for a food tour 🙂


First stop: Chinese BBQ

Lost plate food tour XianFor starters we had skewered lamp grilled over open flame. We were given a plump juice and sat around the fire , side-by-side with the master griller. While we were watching him grilling our skewers, our guide gave us insides about Xi’an’s history and information about the Silk Road. It felt so cozy sitting around the fire while listening to stories of the famous China and enjoying a good BBQ.

Second stop: Dumplings

After enjoying our lamp skewers we boarded our tuktuks and headed to the next stop. Dumplings! We entered the restaurant which was filled with locals, got our table and our guide took care of everything. Our menu had the famous dumplings, a local soup and a local desert made with rose water.

Third stop: Local Meal

The next stop surprised us in a good way! We had beef cooked the local way and for every bite we had to add raw garlic! As Greeks, we love garlic so I think that was our favorite dish.

Fourth stop: Chinese Burger & Rice Noodles

Lost plate food tour Xian

Then, we went to try the famous Chinese burger! It was different than what we are used to, but again so delicious. Instead of burger bread, they staff a crispy dough with meet. We also tried the rice skin noodles. This was the first time we ever heard of that dish but when we go back to Xi’an we are definitely going back there!

Fifth stop: Homemade Noodles

Lost plate food tour Xian

Of course, we couldn’t miss the most famous Asian dish,noodles! We went to a place which is very popular among the locals and they served us spinach noodles (they were green!) along with meat and spices and a Chinese salad as a side dish. Unfortunately, I had only few bites because I was so full. So bare in mind, take it easy with the food, it will keep coming and coming!

Last stop: Xi’An Brewery

Lost plate food tours xian

A good closure always includes some alcohol. For our final stop, we visited a local brewery where we tried different kinds of beer and we chose which one we preferred to drink. And again, for the first time we had a beer with coffee taste.

All in all, we had an amazing evening, trying new foods, learning some history and making new friends. What we also loved about Lost Plate website, is that they had a Xi’an travel guide with useful information.

We loved Lost Plate so much that we asked them for a voucher especially for you! Use the code: woechina on your next booking and you will get a special discount! 

What is your favorite food tour?

Lost plate food tour Xian